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Transistors 2T312A silicon epitaxial planar structures npn universal. 2T312A: • The structure of transistor: npn • Pk max – Constant collector power dissipation: 225 mW; • fgr – Cutoff frequency of current transfer ratio of the transistor for the circuit with common emitter: not less than 80 MHz; • Ukbo max – The maximum collector-base voltage for a given reverse current collector and emitter open circuit: 20 V; • Uebo max – Maximum voltage emitter-base reverse current at a given emitter and collector open circuit 4; • Ik max – The maximum permissible continuous collector current of 30 mA; • Ikbo – Reverse collector current – the current through the collector junction reverse voltage for a given collector-base and emitter open output: less than 10 uA; h21E – Static current transfer ratio for the circuit with common emitter large-signal 10 … 100; • CK – Capacity of the collector junction: no more than 5 pF; • Rke us – saturation resistance between the collector and emitter: no more than 40 ohms; • tc – time constant of the feedback loop at high frequency: less than 500 ps

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