pneumatic fittings

pneumatic fittings


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Product description
The quick fitting is designed for Polyurethane or Nylon tubing
Even after installation, the direction of the tube can be changed freely.
This Quick fittings are only used for industrial automatic apparatus and can not be applied on any medicinal equipment.

Installation and disassembly

Installation:When installing the tie-in of the whorl,you must revolve the copper hexagon not the plastic carapace by spanner to let it immobile.
Windpipe:The tolerance windpipe extermal diameter must be in ±0.1mm.
Connect:After smoothly cut the terminal of windpipe ,push it on.
Disassembly:Press the divorce button,pull the windpipe out,and do not release the button,until the whole windpipe is out.
Air headstream:Compress the air.

Additional information

Weight70 g