pneumatic actuator

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Valworx 530075 rugged rack and pinion air actuators are typically used to operate quarter turn ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and dampers. Quick and easy to install with standard ISO5211 valve mounting pad and double square female output drive. Double acting actuators use air pilot pressure to open and air pilot pressure to close. The pilot air is typically controlled by a 4-way type manual or solenoid valve.

An optional pilot solenoid valve can be mounted directly to the side of the actuator using the standard Namur interface saving time, space and plumbing. The solenoid valve when supplied with the required pilot air pressure will allow electrical operation of the actuator.

Pneumatic Actuator Standard Features
Prelubricated and tested to minimum 1 million cycles
Rugged rack & pinion design
ISO5211 valve mounting pad
Multiple precompressed spring cartridges, polyester painted
Highly visible valve position indicator
Dry or lubricated pilot air
Corrosion resistance – 500 hour minimum salt spray test
Aluminum body with 50 micron hard anodizing
Polyester powder coated aluminum end covers
Namur mounting pad for direct mounted solenoid valves
VDI/VDE 3845 mounting for top mounted accessories