Peltier TEC1-12705 Thermoelectric Cooler Cooling Plate Module

Peltier TEC1-12705 Thermoelectric Cooler Cooling Plate Module


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No moving parts, no noise, and solid-state
Compact structure, small in size, light in weight
Environmental friendly
RoHS compliant
Precise temperature control
Exceptionally reliable in quality, high performance

TE Module Parameter
Type: TEC1-12705
Couples: 127
Imax: 5A
Umax: 15.4V
Qcmax △T=0(W): 42.5w
Tmax: 65°C
Size: 40 x 40 x 3.8mm

Food and beverage service refrigerator
Portable cooler box for cars
Liquid cooling
Temperature stabilizer
CPU cooler and scientific instrument
Photonic and medical systems
How to install:

Chip cooling side mounted heat sink, side mounted cooling system installation guide table. Face flatness less hand stab at 0.03mm to remove the dirt.
Chip cooling with heat sink and conduction-cooled block good contact, the contact surface to be coated with a thin layer of thermal grease.
Fixed refrigeration refrigeration slice both to make films even by force, but also pay attention to cut. Do not over, to prevent fracturing tiles
Package included:

1 x TEC1-12705 cooler plate module

Additional information

Weight 11 g