LM336-2.5 – 2.5 Volt Reference

LM336-2.5 – 2.5 Volt Reference


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The LM336-2.5 is a general purpose shunt regulator diode designed to operate over a wide current range while maintaining good stability with time and temperature. The third terminal allows either the temperature coefficient to be minimized or the reference voltage to be adjusted without changing the temperature coefficient. Because it operates as a shunt regulator it can be used equally well as a positive or negative reference. The LM336-2.5 is available in a TO-92 plastic package. For more demanding precision reference applications requiring very low initial tolerance and temperature coefficients, consult the LT1009 data sheet.

LM336-2.5 – 2.5 Volt Reference
Guaranteed Temperature Stability
Maximum 0.6 ohms Dynamic Impedance
Adjustable for Minimum Temperature Coefficient
Wide Operating Current Range
Typical Application
LM336-2.5 Typical Application
Reference for 5V Systems
8 Bit A/D and D/A Reference
Digital Voltmeters
Current Loop Measurement and Control Systems
Power Supply Monitor

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Weight 2 g