JVR800-2 Under Over Voltage Protector 3 Phase Voltage Monitoring Sequence Protection Relay

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  1. Three phase voltage protector, chronograph and counter are integrated into one relay.
  2. It is equipped with protective functions for over-voltage, under-voltage, loss of phase, phase sequence and unbalanced three phase voltage.
  3. No external power requires.
  4. With useful functions: electricity delay, output test, etc.
  5. The LCD can show the data for easy reading.
  6. 2 rest module optional, manual and automatic.

Model: JVR 800-2
Monitoring Circuit: L1, L2, L3
Rated voltage: 208-480V AC, 50/60Hz
Protection: over-voltage, under-voltage, voltage unbalance, phase loss, phase sequence, counter
Overvoltage setting range: 200-600V
Undervoltage setting range: 150-500V
Voltage hysteresis: 1-20V
Delay time for overvoltage and undervoltage: 0.1-30s
Voltage unbalance ratio: 1-50%
Voltage unbalance hysteresis: 1-10%
Voltage unbalance delay time: 0.1-30s
Delay time for phase loss: 0.1-30s
Delay time for phase sequence: 0.1-30s
Start delay time: 0-999s
Auto reset mode: ON/OFF
Auto reset time: 0.1-999s
Timer and counter input: AC/DC 80-450V
Indicators: LCD indicating voltage,current,operation status
Output contacts: 1 C/O,1NC
Contact capacity: 6A ,250VAC
Dimensions (H*W*D): 80*43*54mm/3.15*1.69*2.12inch
Mounting: suitable for 35mm rail
Weight: 129g

Package List:
1 x 3 Phase Voltage Monitoring Relay