Half-controlled Single-phase Rectifier Bridge Module MFQ100A1200V

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Single – phase half – controlled rectifier bridge






  • Isolated mounting base 2500V~
  • Pressure contact technology with Incrtased power cycling capability
  • Space and weight savings


Typical Applications

  • AC/DC Motor drives
  • Heating control
  • Dimming
  • Inverters Maximum value
Symbol Parameter Rating  


MFQ100-600 MFQ100-12
VRRM Peak reverse repetitive voltage 600 1200 V
VRSM Peak reverse non-repetitive voltage 700 1700 V
VDRM Peak off-state repetitive voltage 600 1600 V




Symbol Parameter Test condition Rating Unit
IO Average on-state current Single-phase full-wave rectifying circuit TC:85 100 A
IT(RMS), IF(RMS) Forward RMS current One-side heat-disspiation,180°sin half wave, 50Hz, TC:85 157 A
ITSM, IFSM Forward surge current t=10ms, 50Hz,Sin Tj 2100 A
I2t I 2 t value VR = 0.6VRRM           Tj 22000 A2 S
PGM Peak gate power 10 W
PG(AV) Average gate power 3 W
di/dt On-state current critical rise rate IGM=1.5A, tr 0.5µs, Tj=25 50 A/µs
VISO Isolation voltage AC one minute 2500 V
Tj Operating junction temperature -40 to +125
Tjm Rated junction temperature 125
Tstg Storage temperature -40 to +125


Mounting torque    copper plate     M6 4 N m
Mounting torque connection terminal


2.7 N m
Wt Weight 200 g

Electrical characteristics


Symbol Parameter Test condition Rating Unit



Peak off-state repetitive current

One-side heat-dissipation, VD=VDRM, sine half wave, Tj=125  







Peak reverse repetitive current

One-side heat-dissipation, VR=VRRM, sine half wave, Tj=125  




VTM / VFM Peak forward voltage ITM / IFM =112A, Tj=25 1.6 /1.3 V
VGT Gate trigger voltage Tj=25 ,IT=1A,VD=12V 0.7-2.5 V
IGT Gate trigger current Tj=25 ,IT=1A,VD=12V 20-100 mA
VGD Gate non-trigger voltage Tj=125 ,VD=2/3VDRM 0.2 V
IGD Gate non-trigger current Tj=125 ,VD=2/3VDRM 10 mA
dv/dt On-state voltage critical rise rate Tj=125 , VD=2/3VDRM 500 V/µs
IH Holding current Tj=25 20-150 mA
IL Latching current Tj=25 100-400 mA
Rth(j-c) Thermal impedance junction-case One-side heat dissipation, sine half wave 0.3 /W


Additional information

Weight .50 g