DC-12V Solenoid Electromagnetic Lock

DC-12V Solenoid Electromagnetic Lock


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DC12V 0.8A small storage lockers electromagnetic lock electronic lock mini electric screw closure drawer closure file cabinet. Fit to the drawer, cabinet, window or safety box for high security and easier to operate and connect to a stable power supply and it will open when it is energized

  1. Voltage: DC12V
  2. Current: ≥0. 8A
  3. Working mode: power on unlock, power off lock
  4. Unlock time: it is recommended to control in 0-10 seconds
  5. Length of extension: 10mm
  6. Lock Size: 55x40x28 (mm)


When using the electric lock, the unlock time needs to be controlled within 0-10 seconds, avoiding excessive unlocking time and causing the electric lock to rise, resulting in damage to the electric lock.


Package Included:

  • 1 x Electric Closet Lock

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Weight100 g