4000W 220V AC SCR Voltage Regulator

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Electrical parameters:

Voltage: AC 220V (180-280V)
Maximum power: 4000W
Voltage Regulator: AC 0-220V
Size: 1.6mm thick high-temperature circuit board long 60x 45x wide high 40mm Knob Diameter 27mm, height 15mm
SCR Current: 41 A

SCR voltage: 800V

Radiator: 10 thick corrugated surface aluminum radiator

Thermal Grease: High thermal conductivity thermal grease containing silver

Resistance: Full metal film, precision power resistors

Capacitors: CBB high voltage 630V, and safety certification of MKP capacitors

Potentiometer: 2w power adjustable potentiometer, stable and durable voltage smoothing


To put this product series with the lamp or in electrical circuits, (for example, the lamp can connect two wires) rotary potentiometer rotating rod, you can adjust the play of light and shade, speed, pressure, temperature control effect ; easy to use.
This product is suitable for: using the new two-way high-power thyristor, because current up to 40 A, a good solution to the problem of over-current electric wire in the case of cooling the resistance is too small to cause; and can easily adjust the mains The output voltage between 0 and 220 volts —- any adjustment for the use of electrical appliances. Such as: furnace, hot water heater tune, dimming lamps, small motor speed, electric iron thermostat and so on. So as to achieve dimming, thermostats, pressure effect. Less than 4000 watts of electrical power for large appliances use because the power has been great, so the general home appliances or small factories enough to use. (Inductive or capacitive load power should be reduced, this regulator is equipped with two-way high-power thyristor, potentiometers are with nuts, do not add any components to use, very convenient and practical).


1, Product Name: 4000W Regulator

2, SCR Model: BTA41-600B
3, the working efficiency: 95%

Additional information

Weight 50 g