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Arduino Mini (China)

This is a copy of the Arduino Mini Revision 5. It is generally less expensive, but is still a reliable board. Since there is no USB converter on-board, a USB to Serial TTL cable of the appropriate voltage will be needed to program it (if you have USB ports). It is pinned out for the same USB to TTL converter as the Arduino Pro – the FTDI FT232R-5V or FT232R-3V3. The board comes with no headers installed, but in most cases includes the headers. The pinout is typical, with the exception of the analog inputs. A0-A3 are in the normal place, as are A4 & A5. There are A6 & A7 pins on the end opposite the programming pins. Various other pinouts have been seen on boards claiming to be Funduino Pro Mini, but the boards turn out to be other clones. Arduino Mini (revision 05) has a new package for the ATmega328, which enables all components to be on the top of the board. It also has an onboard reset button. The new version has the same pin configuration as revision 04.
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